Cloud Services

The future belongs to the cloud, therefore more and more companies are recognising the possibilities and business opportunities offered by modern cloud services and solutions. We help enterprises with their cloud transformation journey to drive business acceleration and enable a superior digital experience leveraging our proven delivery framework, robust partner ecosystem and industry expertise. Our team of experts delivers highly effective services that provide organizations with a competitive edge.

We know that every organization has its unique business requirements, therefore we help you embrace a cloud model that is specially tailored to meet your organization’s ever-changing needs and allows you to scale up. As a cloud-enabled organization, you will experience an intelligent infrastructure that complements your enterprise and generates new avenues of revenue stream through disruptive cloud patterns and benefits.

Cloud Service

We leverage our strategic partnerships to help you strengthen your digital leadership through cloud transformation and innovation. Our strong understanding of scaling your business while it navigates the complex cloud landscape will help you make the best use of this digital backbone to achieve your goals faster.Cloud services are infrastructure, platforms, or software that are hosted by third-party providers and made available to users through the internet. 

Cloud services facilitate the flow of user data from front-end clients (e.g. users’ servers, tablets, desktops, laptops—anything on the users’ ends), through the internet, to the provider’s systems, and back. Users can access cloud services with nothing more than a computer, operating system, and internet connectivity or virtual private network (VPN).

Depending on whom you ask, clouds can also be considered cloud services. Clouds are IT environments that abstract, pool, and share scalable resources across a network. Clouds enable cloud computing, which is the act of running workloads within a cloud environment. Clouds are a type of PaaS, since someone other than the user supplies the underlying infrastructure on which a web-based platform is provided.

Cloud Infrastructure

When supplying users with a cloud infrastructure, cloud services providers detach computing capabilities from hardware components, such as separating

  • Processing power from central processing units (CPUs)
  • Active memory from random access memory (RAM) chips
  • Graphics processing from the graphics processing units (GPUs)
  • Data storage availability from datacentres or hard drives

This abstraction is typically accomplished through virtualization and virtual machines. Once separated, the storage, compute, and networking components are provided to users through the internet as infrastructure—or IaaS. This kind of cloud service has led to the rise of cloud storage, which stores big data as part of the Internet of Things (IOT). Rack Space is an example of an IaaS provider.